Twin Roadster Shock Absorber


Twin Roadster are available for vehicles mounted with twin shock absorbers.
There are all in natural anodised 7075 aluminum.

These are low pressure gas tri-tube dampers mainly designed to optimize comfort (high movement speed).

They are easy to adjust because the ratio of compression and rebound is already optimized. They have a wide range of adjustment (32 clicks for large body) to satisfy all tastes.

Unlike an emulsion damper, Twin Roadster keeps a suspension of consistent quality and a good ground connection despite a poor road state or a rise in temperature.

The springs are chosen by our technicians, based on the general state of charge of the vehicle and can be adjusted by a step sleeve(wrench supplied) for a temporary adjustment spring pre-load (passenger riding, luggage etc.).

Twin Roadster is designed for standard use on public roads

Les amortisseurs Custom Black sont destinés à un usage standard sur route ouverte.

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Shock absorber

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$ 740.00

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